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Yaiza Cañizares

Yaiza Cañizares

Yaiza Cañizares

Yaiza Cañizares

Who am I?

I am Yaiza and I come from Alicante (Spain), but I prefer to consider myself as a “citizen of the world”.
Living and working in different countries for many years has shaped me as a professional linguist.

Are you curious to know where I lived?

First stop: Poland. There, I realized how important it is to communicate what you really want to say. Indeed, I have a good command of English, however, in some situations, I had to put into practice what I was learning in my Polish language lessons.
There, I experienced what it means to have language and cultural barriers. However, thanks to my perseverance, I would break through those barriers and manage to be part of that new reality.

Second stop: Italy. Once I finished my BA in Translation and Interpretation, I decided to move to Italy to improve my communication skills in Italian.
In Italy I learnt how to manage translation and marketing content projects, as I worked in an e-commerce agency.
I gained a sense of commitment when it comes to high quality in linguistic work, the importance of being punctual in deliveries, and I also learnt that when working as a team, good results are multiplied for everyone.

Third and last stop: Ireland. I broadened my horizons there.
People saw in me a potential of which I had never realized. They asked me whether I could teach Spanish. I already had experience as an English and Italian teacher before landing in Ireland, so I accepted the challenge!
My Irish students and I were very satisfied with the results. I would feel great knowing that I was contributing to help people communicate in Spanish.
For that reason, I completed my studies doing my MA in Teaching Spanish for Foreigners.

And so, we come to the present day and to what I am now: a Spanish Language Specialist.
If you need translation services or want to learn Spanish, I can help you communicate your message, and get your ideals across.
I am very excited to accompany you on this journey! Successful communication is the first step to positive results, for both our businesses and our personal growth.

Would you like to know how we can work together? Keep reading to learn my main areas of expertise. I’m looking forward to talking to you soon!

Do you need to launch your product internationally?

Keep reading to know how I can help you…

I contributed to the e-commerce activity for luxury fashion brands as well as for clients that come from other sectors such as interior design, technology and education field. With them and with you I can collaborate to provide you the following services:

Translation of product descriptions, blog articles and press releases.

Translation of content related to Customer Service
(returns and refunds, shipping, FAQ´s, shopping policy, etc.).

Translation and full post-edition of web content,
meta descriptions, SEO titles, and SEO keywords
linguistic analysis (for the Spain market).

Likewise in fashion luxury e-commerce sector,
and for one of the most famous marketplaces in the globe, I created web content in Spanish. In this field I can help you out doing activities like these:

Transcreation and Spanish copywriting of email marketing campaigns, ads and social network campaigns.

Writing SEO blog articles in Spanish.

Proofreading and Copy editing of texts written in Spanish.

Linguistic and cultural consultancy.

I've contributed to promoting the Spanish language and improving
linguistic quality for leading brands
as well as for growing marketing agencies.
In this field I offer the following tasks:

Website localization into Spanish (Spain).

Proofreading and language testing for websites.

Software and App localization
in Spanish (Spain).

I am also a Spanish teacher for foreigners.

I offer face-to-face* and online classes, both individual and group, which are completely adapted to your communicative needs.

Enthusiasm and engagement keep me motivated

With them I contributed to getting across the ideals of so many clients

Where I am


Anything else I can help you with?

Ask me whatever you need and ask for a free quote.
Tell me how I should contact you
and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Your message is on its way ;)