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Yaiza Cañizares

Yaiza Cañizares

Yaiza Cañizares

Who am I?

My name is Yaiza Cañizares, I am a Spanish native from Alicante (Spain). I'm cheerful, enthusiastic, and when not translating, you'll often find me on my roller blades, skating around the city neighbourhoods. I also love theatre and performing, listening to music, and eating local food when I travel. Come Sunday morning, I enjoy nothing more than to slow life down, gaze at my plants on the balcony with a glass of fresh juice in hand, and take a moment to appreciate the silence. When I'm working, I take pride in delivering accurate translations, engaging with the brand's style to deliver a high quality of work. Deadlines motivate me - it's like acting on the opening night! I take satisfaction in being able to communicate the meaning of a message that machine translation cannot reach. I will communicate your ideas, principles and the true meaning of what you're saying, ensuring your message retains the impact it deserves. Getting your ideals across is rewarding and is my job. Translation is a way of spreading knowledge and improving people's lives: this is the reason why I became a translator.

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Do you need to launch your product internationally?

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I contributed to the e-commerce activity for luxury fashion brands. With them and with you I can collaborate to provide you the following services:

Translation of product descriptions, blog articles and press releases

Translation of content related to Customer Service (returns anf refunds, shipping, FAQ´s, shopping policy, etc.)

Translation and full post-edition of web content,
meta descriptions, SEO titles
and Google Ads

Likewise in fashion luxury e-commerce sector,
and for one of the most famous marketplaces in the globe, I created web content in Spanish. In this field I can help you out doing activities like these:

Transcreation and Spanish copywriting of email marketing campaigns, ads and social network campaigns

Writing SEO blog articles in Spanish

Linguistic and cultural consultancy

I've contributed to promoting the Spanish language and improving
linguistic quality for leading brands
as well as for growing marketing agencies.
In this field I offer the following tasks:

Website localization into Spanish (Spain)

Proofreading and language testing for websites

Software and App localization
in Spanish (Spain)

Creativity never stops…

Other fields I worked in and in which I can also collaborate with you are these:

Enthusiasm and engagement keep me motivated

With them I contributed to getting across the ideals of so many clients


My space

Now it's my turn! Here I speak my mind about my ideals as a translator and I also talk about other topics that help me grow both personally and professionally. (Most of the content is in Spanish)

Image La transcreación, ¿un nuevo concepto de traducción?

La transcreación: el lenguaje de las emociones

La transcreación ha revolucionado el mundo de la traducción publicitaria, donde el texto comunica mucho más que simplemente palabras.

  • por Yaiza Cañizares
  • 25 de agosto de 2020
Image La traducción de los ideales de la marca

La traducción de los ideales de la marca

En traducción publicitaria es muy importante tener presentes los ideales de la marca, pues es un modo de difusión de los mismos.

  • por Yaiza Cañizares
  • 15 de septiembre de 2020
Image ¿Es la posedición el fin del mundo de los traductores?

¿Es la posedición el fin del mundo?

La posedición está conquistando el mundo de la traducción debido a la globalización del mercado. Todo un nuevo reto para los traductores.

  • por Yaiza Cañizares
  • 27 de octubre de 2020

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